Ghana Independence Day 2021


Blog post written by Shaun Campbell (2 minute read)

Well, its been quite a week preparing and realising the Ghana Independence Day celebration (6th March) Mural at our Foundation building.

For me, and for the ethos of what we do, this is an important day to recognise and to celebrate, as it is through the legacy of Arthur Wharton, that Darlington is forever twinned with Jamestown Accra, Ghana.

Jamestown, Accra is where Arthur Wharton was born and it was Darlington where Arthur made his name…and where he was thought of with great affection and respect. It was the people of Darlington who embraced Arthur, and sang a song ‘Wharton of Darlington’, when he returned to the club after a spell away playing for another club.

The Arthur Wharton Mural on Ghana Independence Day 2021

Aside from celebrating Arthur, there are many other dates to celebrate in a similar way – for example, the anniversary of his playing for Darlington FC – these same walls will be adorned by this history in July. We are so looking forward to this particular celebration as it marks the beginning of Arthur’s time in Darlington (1883).

July also marks the historic achievement of Arthur (running for Darlington) becoming the worlds first official fastest man on the planet, recording a time of 10 seconds dead for the 100 yds (now metres) in 1886.

Other historic & significant dates in the history of Darlington will also be celebrated  – Cummins, Cleveland Bridge, and the Railway included. We see these walls as an opportunity to educate, inspire, motivate, and enhance the area within which we reside. And so, the walls of the Foundation will constantly change, they will be a revolving reminder of the history of Darlington and its legacy to us, and the rest of the world.

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