Arthur Wharton played cricket for Cannock and Darlington Cricket Club, but it was in the Yorkshire and Lancashire leagues where he earned a summer living. 

From 1889, Arthur played cricket professionally during the football close season. Greasebro’ hired his services for six seasons from 1889 to 1895.  

He signed as a professional for Stalybridge Cricket Club in 1896 and within weeks he was their star attraction.  

Despite this, he did not play for them after the 1896 season and for the rest of his time in Lancashire played little or no cricket.  

After leaving professional football in 1902 and returning to Yorkshire, cricket took pride of place in Arthur’s affections. 

In 1914, Arthur was offered a job coaching cricket in County Durham, which he turned down due to a lack of work to supplement his wages.  

Nevertheless, Arthur continued playing cricket and running. Even in his fifties an eyewitness reported that “he could catch pigeons”.  

However, Arthur is best remembered for his exploits as a footballer.